yadda yadda

it is a beautiful spring day in ole west by goddess, texas…going to take a ride and find me a field. of bluebonnets and take off all my clothes and run naked thru them…i figure what the hell. im 61 years old and have done everything legal and many unlegal things so whats the worse they can do to me…laugh and throw my naked butt in jail….did that in the 60”s…so that wont be new…the actual worse thing that could happen is someone would take my picture butt naked put it in the local paper and then i would never get laid …..
today there are about 12 garage sales going on in west and i have been to 8 of them…so far i have spent under $5…got 2 cds..one of millisa ethridge”s and one of bonnie rhaitt…$4…cool….well, im history…all ya”ll not in texas today…hope it is a pretty there as it is here….


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