1001….bloggers to me…

far fucking out…cant believe that i have that many bloggers to this site..i only started blogging so i could piss people off and damn everyone (sofar) agrees with me…now how much fun is that…lots…so far I”ve only pissed one person off and had to go to her site to do it….she was from texas and was whinning…now i allow bitching, carping, muttering, and general bad hehavior..but whinning…no fucking way tonto..i know times are tough, hard and heart breaking…but whinning is unexceptable…i have a sign at the house that says .”no whinning zone”…
im still in shock from sat. my son bought me a lawn mower and came over and mowed my lawn…so grass is no longer up to my ass…and to top it off, it rained right afterwards and my tomatoes have lilttle yellow flowers…so excited…going to go buy some herbs..is that ”erbs or herbs???
the jefferson airplane had a song about a baby and his war toys…cant remember all of it or even most of it..but for some reason when i think of king george i think of that song…in case anyone has a weird sense of humor go to the web site..georgewbush is the anti-christ…i did and laughed so hard….eveyone needs a good laugh….well, is raining again. want to get home and put kitchen window down….


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