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May 31, 2005

I am sooo proud of myself..I managed to piss off arthor the blogster guy…well, he may not be pissed off but he is peeved…send email mentioning that i couldnt get into my blog to read comments and said what thafuck? and got back email asking me if I thought it was proper to use the f work in an email. said of course it was, it was only a word and it wasent like I was doing it on his desk …no reply….hmmmmm. someone does not have a sense of humor…or im a twisted sick puppy and should die along with kenny.



May 31, 2005

WITH OUT THE QUESTIONS… i got up at 5:30am this morning
i dont like jewerly too much but like topaz and touquoise(sp)
the last film i saw at the theatre was the vampire lestat with brad pitt…
my favorite tv show”s are: 24, lost, medium, boston legal, nypd blue(gone), third watch (gone) and i love to watch pbs a lot…american dreams is one of my favorites on pbs
my middle name is sue…but all my kin folk call me jackie name which is how it is done in the south…so i just made it one word…
my favorite cuisine is bbq, mexican, italian and tex-mex my least favorite food is turnips..icky my favorite chip is freto’s the cd i am listening to right now is by a local singer that i used to have sex with…long long long long long long long,etc. ago…james hand…. i drive a 96 mazda truck my favorite sandwitch is carl’s jr. beef with peppers and cheese, yummmmmmy the characteristics i least like is…hmmm. i dont like people that voted for bush… favorite item of clothing??? my huge assortment of tshirts if i could go anyplace in the world i would go to ireland.. my bathroom is red white and blue..with the texas flag for a shower curtain..really.. the color of my pants…?? what pants i would retire to east texas if i had to move from west, texas favorite time of day is 3am if there is a good movie on.. my most memoriable birthday was my drumk at ladies night and got into a fight with a bunch of Baylor seniors and kicked the crap out of about 3 of them..the others ran home to their mommies The last thing i ate was a bowl of ice cream last night about 8pm if i was a color of a crayon i would be pussy pink my favorite flower is bluebonnet who really cares what detergent i use coke or pepsi? get real …dublin dr.pepper i do not wish on stars… i wish on planes my shoe size is a 7 i have 2 dogs trooper and puppypuppypuppy. and one cat rocky racoon when i was a kid i wanted to be a catcher for the brooklyn dodgers what i was meant to be doing now is what ever the fuck i want to be doing now…wanna make something of it…? the first thing i notice about people is if they look me in the eye when they talk to me i have no siblings. i was an only child..except for my 1/2 sister who is deceased.. my favorite toy as a child was my catchers mitt not summer not winter…spring i like hugs more than kisses vanilla not chocolate i live in a tiny little house last time i cried was sun. night when i watched the last sammari the dogs are under my bed i have visited mexico and canada i have lived in over 20 cities at least.. favorite movie…e.t.., gone with the wind, kill bill 2, and the quarterback princess beach my longest friends are maryann who i have known for over 40 years..then slick, lane, david, mike etc. that i have known for over 30 years. the names of my kids are in order of birth:david michael allen brown, thomas ronald brown, and maryjo denney my usual bed time is ..3-4am


May 31, 2005

Don’t know if anyone is familar with betty bowers website but if you are not…please check her out..i laugh so hard at this crazy bitch and have used her to piss off more relative than any website there is…except for the george w bush is the anti-christ website..that one really makes them crazy..anyhow this weeks email from her is her rant on Tom cruise and his manic appearance on Oprah”s show…
I think you can get to her website by going to me know if you check her out and what you think….she rocks…


May 31, 2005

Any one interested in adopting wild horses or burros there are several websites…
plus on june 10-11th marshall city arena is having adoptions also..
wish i had room for some mustangs and a few asses… but my house is barely large enough for my horsesass..


May 31, 2005

Well, they are going to shoot ole hunter out of a cannon. Or at leas his ashes…I love ole Hunter and am going to miss his wit and meanness. He is one of the few author”s or just peeps in general that all of my family like…Each one of us has our favorite Hunter book..I like them all and have read everything of his since he wrote for Rolling Stones… byby you goofy bastard…

INDY 500

May 29, 2005

well, i watched my first indy 500 today…only because there was a woman in the race…and by goddess, she almost won the damn thing…i was so confused..i was going back and forth between kitchen(makeing green beans with bacon and new potatoes) and the tv and she went from being ahead and having only 4 laps to go to being 4th…what the fuck..??? my friend david said she was running out of gas….well, that makes no sense…she drives for paul newman and david letterman..and he had 2nd and 4th place cars..pretty cool…
well, my part of the country finally got the rain we needed…was so welcome…but everyone is pissed cause its on the memorial day weekend…heehee..the goddess has a great sense of humor…
there was an article in my favorite newspaper the dallas am news about rock and roll drug stories..keith richard said his favorite doing drug story was when the stones were in their dressing room back in the 70”s or 80”s and were doing bad things and their manager came in and said the police are here and they all flushed their drugs down the toilet…and about that time sting,andy summers and stewart copeland walked in the door..THE POLICE..
my friend david and i have been discussing politics…and we have come to the conclusion that what is wrong with our country is no one caters to the middle of the road of either party…so if the democrats have any hope of having a shot at being in power we need to start kissing some ass and catering to the middle of the roaders…actually both parties should work on that…huh,retired thoughts..??
there is a rap band that is playing in kelleen, texas..they are all soldiers that have served in iraq…the name of the band is live in iraq…i dont like rap but think i will buy their record, cd, tape what ever the fuck they have now…i like what i have heard so far..
went to video world in the big city of west and got 5 movies for $5 for a week…see if i can remember all 5 of them..hmmmmm. that was about 3 hours ago and cant remember one name of one movie…old farts desease…


May 28, 2005

Received my spring newsletter from Trixie, Dean Koontz”s yellow golden retreiver…it says….
“is me, Trixie (who is dog). Is thursday. How was your day? Mine was good. No mange.No fleas. Good blwel movement. I go to vet”s office every thursday, get bath and sometimes trim.Like to smell good. Every morning, after long walk, Mom brushes and combs me for 30 or 40 minutes, sometimes Dad. Don”t mean to say Mom sometimes brushes and combs Dad. Mean to say that sometimes Dad is the one brushes and combs me. I Trixie, never brush and comb either Mom or Dad. Mom doesn”t need brushed and combed. Das needs it but just can”t sit still. He is hyper, can chase ball whole afternoon and still wants atention al thruough dinner. Sometimes Mom and me tie one end of tug toy to doorknob, close door, put other end of tug toy in Dad”s mouth, and he keeps himself busy for huors. We are lucky Dad writes books. This keeps him busy for hours, too, otherwise he would drive us crazy. Dad (who is not a dog) has new book in stores on Tuesday, May 24th, 2005.

then goes on to tell about new book which sounds really good. called velocity…this bartender gets a note that says you dont take this note to the police and get them involved, i will kill a lovely blond schoolteacher womewhere in napa county. If you do take this note to the police, i will instead kill an elderly woman active in charity work…you have 6 huors to decide…..sounds pretty damn good…im going to get librarian to get it for us…meaning me…i used to write and receive mail from dean koontz when he first started out, but then he got so popular than he doesnt have the time so i get the seasonaly newsletter from the dog now…there are always lots of cute pictures of trixie..who just happens to be one of the cutest dogs ever…if you want to subscribe write to Dean Koontz
Useless News
Post office box 9529
Newport Beach, calif92658-9529
im all excited cause he is doing a second book for Odd Thomas…one of my favorite books by him….
ok, did my ruby rocks good deed for the day telling a dog story….


May 28, 2005

surveying the day, walter is thinking of taking a knee…


May 28, 2005

first of all…no one”s noticed im not using all caps any more…so fuck you..
then i get an email from one of my forest gump hating friends eve who lives in anna cortes, washington…here ”tis..
this is a quote from forest gump his own self..
“See, in my line of work (fucking over americans, my quote) you got to keep repeating things over and over and over again for the truth to sink in, to kind of catapult the propaganda.”
please someone kill me now…
then to make it worse im reading the dallas am news…and thi is what i read..
“U.S. seeks access to web provider customer data…”…ole forest wants the federal appeals court to restore its ability to compet internet service providers to turn over information about their customers or subscribers as part of its fight against terrorism….”..fuck me ..i”ll never smile again..
once them fuckers get in here, they will be hauling my ole fat ass off to jail as a “terraist” i speak unkindly about king forest gump the idiot…well, who wouldnt if they had an ounce of brain power…then fucking rapist, molesters and pedophiles are getting viagra thru medicare…fuck killing me…let me kill somebody…
our soldiers are having their parents buy them flak jackets as the army doesnt have enough. they are having to use scrap metal to reinforce their humvee”s…forest says we need the money so he is closing down military bases all over the country and one of them is reed amry hospital where all soldiers go to get new arms, legs, etc…fuck me..i”ll never love again…
and to top it off, we needed rain…and we got rain so hard it bend my tomato plants over sideways…the thunder scared the dogs and i left the window on the truck down again, sonofabitch..and seat is will have a damp ass for 3 fucking days..
and…….my son let me take some of his movies home to view…and troy sucked the big one…only good part was i got to see brad pitt”s ass, and a fine ass it was….saw meet the fokkers…and when my son who is 39 gave it to me he said: mom, this is the best movie ever…(i said no, kill bill 2 is ) he said never mind, this movie is great..and barbara striesand has the most beautiful breasts on an older woman i have ever seen.”..i many old lady breasts have you seen thom?” he said after seeing her”s i wont see anymore…and he”s right she”s got great tits..
saw national treasure which i really did like…and shrek2 which was ….ok. but loved antonio banderas”s puss in the boots…now that is funny…i”d like to see his ass…the only way i”d like to see forest gumps ass is when he pulls his head out of it..

howard gleichenhaus….blogster

May 27, 2005

dont know if any of you forest gump haters have discovered this guy yet..but he is so smart and just blows me away with his blogs..check him out…