living in west by god, texas is kind of like being in the year 1957 allllll the time…there are good things about it and some not so good things about it..
one of the good things is the lack of big crime…usually the crimes are knocking over mail boxes, stealing cars for job rides, stealing gas from cars… but because of the world we live in..drugs have come to west… and chrystal is its name…meth, speed, crank, what ever they call it…and it is i guess so easy to make that instead of an occasional bust for possesion or is for making it…i have a friend of my kids that is in a federal jail now waiting for trial and will probably get 10-15 years… and he is a smart kid…just got hooked on it and went from using to selling to making…and has a 16 year old that is following in his footsteps… the family business…just scarry…
the people that live her have lived here all if not most of their lives..this is a 4th and 5th generation town…great grandparents came over from czechoslovia, germany and other neighboring countries…the old folks are dieing out or in the west rest haven..they still speak czech and most of the kids do but the grandkids dont…they like me can say beer (pevo) and how are you…hell, im irish and can speak some czech…i have 2 part czech granddaughters…the grandparents and parents are very racial…look down on blacks and mexicans.. which i find extremely funny as when they get old and go to west haven most of the rn”s and help are black or mexican…hee..hee..see how they like those people they looked down on for years, being the one responsible for wipping their butt and seing that they are taken care of…but the biggest irony is that the grandkids are not .they managed to skip the racial gene…there are no problems at school with race…a wonderful thing…and they date black kids and have their babies…cracks me up…really hard to hate someone that is black or mexican if it is your grandbaby…
i like living here for lots of reasons, but mostly because of the feeling of belonging..even though im not czech i was by marriage and have in law”s steps and friens all over the place..have lived her off and on for almost 30 years… lived in waco for about 10 years but was here most weekends when i drank and raised hell…then i went to work for a book company that put up temporary book stores across the country…worked 6 weeks and had 2 off..was a great job for me as i love books and liked to travel…but spent 7months in san francisco and worked from 9am to midnight 7 days a week and by then i was ready to come home and west was home to me…
but now with the kids grown and living in waco and only one grandkid here in west, i find myself with an itch again…but at 61 1/2 with a history of 4 back surgeries there isnt a lot i can i watch the news, read my paper and find things to bitch about…that is as close to happy i can get…
finding blogging has been sooo much fun…i did this to piss people off and like eveything else i do..fucked up…people like me…they really like me…(sorry couldnt resist)…so now im off to town to go where eveyone know”s my name, the name of the dogs and the cat and all my kids and grandkids… like of like CHEER”S… only with out the beer….


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