I have to rearrange my room. i have a small bedroom but even so that is where i spend most of my time. eitehr there the bathroom or kitchen. when I was having so many surgeries i was in bed most of the time so i had tv set up by the bed with a big chair for me to roost in when i got better and well enought to move i thought one side table next to the chair would be enough for me and my “stuff”…the 2-3 books i am reading, my crossword puzzle dict. with crossword puzzles, my glasses, my remote, my drpepper, my pad with pen so i can write down all my brilliant thoughts and funny shit i see on tv…(joe walsh was hysterical night before last on craig fergurson)plus a little xena stone jar with my pens, emery board, tweezers, nail cutter, book marks, the little budda that my daughter gave me and anything else i may feel is important to me at the time…west newspaper, articles i have torn out of the paper, receipes, some cd”s, just stuff…well, that little table is now not big enough… i keep knocking over my drpepper when i reach for the remote, i lose my reading glasses down the side of the chair every time i stand up which is often as i pee about every 45 minutes…(all that damn drpepper) and i cannot get one more thing into my xena jar without it bursting out of her ass. so the question is…do i get a bigger table or move some of the “stuff”.. to the area around my computer..???i mean am i really going to use that q-tip after it has been in that xena jar for 2 weeks and has blue ink on it…why do i have tweezers there? i dont use half the crap.but think i should have to have it close by cause im to lazy to get up and go get it…suppose i could move it and just get it if i need it when i get up every 45 minutes when i go pee…ah, fuck it ..going to get a bigger table…


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