Well, I would love to say I feel bad that the Jews and the Palastines heckled her while she was doing her asskissing tour of the middle east, but I would be a fucking liar…sending her to do his dirty work is really pretty tacky…she”s lucky they didnt toss a hand gernade in her area…then there is ole c. rice running around alternating between kissing ass or kicking it..as hated as we are around the world thanks to King Forest Gump if I had boocoos money I woulnt travel for fear of being whacked as an ugly american…i would wear rubyrocks tshirt that says “fucking the world tour 2004..with pictures of bush, cheney, rumsfeld, rice etc. on the front….” or i didnt vote for the asshole so dont be mad at me…Then to top it off we have the senate, congress and all elected officals pressing the bills about gay marriages and abortions…fuck me people..lets pass some bills on cheaper perscriptions, higher wages, things that make a difference in our eveyday life…i could care less if gays get married…if i thought it would get me cheaper perscriptions i”d marry a woman . couldnt be any worse than the three asshole men i married….


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