Am I dating myself with the qualudes remark? Do they even make them any more? Does any one but me remember the old song from the late 70”s about “she”s on qualudes again..?” only lines I can remember is about her falling down the hall bumping into the wall and dry humping the coffee table…anyhow, about the fucking computer…
I dont have internet service at the house as I am still trying to figure out how to live on my simi-survors benifits from the great uncle sam…so I go to my best friend David”s house and use his computer and he has aol. which I have always had and really like. But I”m convienced that all the servers are conspiring with each other to get us all onto broadband and faster hook ups…When i hit submit post or submit comment or anything at all …it takes fucking forever….I know that they want us to get so pissed off we will all pay more to get better and faster service…well, fuck ”em….all but 6 and save them for pall bearers… I think as many people that use the net and all the servers, instead of it being more expensive, it should be cheaper….and by goddess, I”m writting my congressman about it…writing the governor, the senate and the house…Would write the president but he”s probably taking a nap, playing games or riding his fucking bike…I bet you didnt think i could start out a rant about slow computers and end up spewing venom on the president did you…hee, hee….. it was so should have seen it coming…


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