well this should be worth the price of admission…if we only could charge admission to this fuck feast…ok, here”s the deal.. my son thom was married to kathy they had 2 daughters jenny(who is graduating) and jamie 16…about 10 years ago thom got tired of ww111 going on in his living room every day between him and kathy…so he left..but he didnt do it the smart or correct way, he did it the im a man fuck you way…he left her for another woman who is now his wife candy…and it was a big ugly deal, becase thom did wrong by kathy who is a certified nutcase anyhow…so the whole family got involved…kathy”s parents have for some reason forgiven thom(he”s just so damn likeable) and not forgiven candy..when this was going on i was in calif working 8am to midnight every day for 7 months…but for some reason these crazy people thought i was going to come back to texas and kidnap the girls…(so i have a sorta squirley reputation so all this is going on, fighting, yelling, every one suffering especialy the kids…well, this is 10 years ago…the dust has settled and we are all supposed to go to jenny”s graduation and then all of us are going out to dinner…jenny”s dad and step mom candy, jenny”s mom and step dad robby(baby huey), her mother”s parents who think thom”s ok, but hate candy, jenny”s uncle and aunt who just fucking hate everybody cause their rednecks and can…and me….oh, jenny and her sister…jenny made her grandparents promise not to be mean to candy…and her mom has promised not to be mean to candy either…(no one made me promise, so all bets are off), nah, i”ll be good. dont want to ruin jenny”s day..but i know these stupid people…they dont give a shit about i expect some fur to be flying by the time the second round of beer hits the table..lucky for them assholes i dont drink, so i will be the voice of reason..that in itself is just to fucking funny to be true..but it is…i will let you know the body count….


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