WITH OUT THE QUESTIONS… i got up at 5:30am this morning
i dont like jewerly too much but like topaz and touquoise(sp)
the last film i saw at the theatre was the vampire lestat with brad pitt…
my favorite tv show”s are: 24, lost, medium, boston legal, nypd blue(gone), third watch (gone) and i love to watch pbs a lot…american dreams is one of my favorites on pbs
my middle name is sue…but all my kin folk call me jackie name which is how it is done in the south…so i just made it one word…
my favorite cuisine is bbq, mexican, italian and tex-mex my least favorite food is turnips..icky my favorite chip is freto’s the cd i am listening to right now is by a local singer that i used to have sex with…long long long long long long long,etc. ago…james hand…. i drive a 96 mazda truck my favorite sandwitch is carl’s jr. beef with peppers and cheese, yummmmmmy the characteristics i least like is…hmmm. i dont like people that voted for bush… favorite item of clothing??? my huge assortment of tshirts if i could go anyplace in the world i would go to ireland.. my bathroom is red white and blue..with the texas flag for a shower curtain..really.. the color of my pants…?? what pants i would retire to east texas if i had to move from west, texas favorite time of day is 3am if there is a good movie on.. my most memoriable birthday was my drumk at ladies night and got into a fight with a bunch of Baylor seniors and kicked the crap out of about 3 of them..the others ran home to their mommies The last thing i ate was a bowl of ice cream last night about 8pm if i was a color of a crayon i would be pussy pink my favorite flower is bluebonnet who really cares what detergent i use coke or pepsi? get real …dublin dr.pepper i do not wish on stars… i wish on planes my shoe size is a 7 i have 2 dogs trooper and puppypuppypuppy. and one cat rocky racoon when i was a kid i wanted to be a catcher for the brooklyn dodgers what i was meant to be doing now is what ever the fuck i want to be doing now…wanna make something of it…? the first thing i notice about people is if they look me in the eye when they talk to me i have no siblings. i was an only child..except for my 1/2 sister who is deceased.. my favorite toy as a child was my catchers mitt not summer not winter…spring i like hugs more than kisses vanilla not chocolate i live in a tiny little house last time i cried was sun. night when i watched the last sammari the dogs are under my bed i have visited mexico and canada i have lived in over 20 cities at least.. favorite movie…e.t.., gone with the wind, kill bill 2, and the quarterback princess beach my longest friends are maryann who i have known for over 40 years..then slick, lane, david, mike etc. that i have known for over 30 years. the names of my kids are in order of birth:david michael allen brown, thomas ronald brown, and maryjo denney my usual bed time is ..3-4am


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