I was sitting in my chair last night reading my new robert crais book, which is realllly good..there was lots of thunder,no rain, but i could smell it in the air and my wind chimes were dancing like crazy in the wind…life was good…then the fucking lights went out..and when the lights go out in west…there is no light… period..nada, zilch, zero, light..dark as the inside of a rhino”s ass.Every time it rains in West, the lights either go out or the phone”s go out..the wireing hasen”t been reworked since 1974…maybe.. plus the squirrel”s get in the boxes and make nests in there and fuck up all the wires.. I am not afraid of the dark at all, but when it is that dark in my little room I have to work my way thru the maze of bed, chair, end table, box with all my pictures i had hauled out of closet the other night, two dogs, the cat, three pair of shoes, a stack of library books, a smaller stack of video”s and the fact that i have a tendency to fall on my ass at the drop of a hat as the nerves are damaged in my right leg and the wire from my brain to my leg some times get shorted out…just to get to the candles and the matches…by the time i worked my way to them….the fucking lights went back on…so, do i go ahead and light the candle in case it happens again, or do i just hope that it doesnt happen again…hmmmm. ponder, muse..wonder…hmmm. fuck it i light the candle, make a sharp turn, forgetting about the fucked up leg and my brain sent the message to the leg saying move and the leg is yelling, what, i didnt get that message, what???? and i fall on my ass. i have spent so much time on my back from falling that i should just stay there.. so, im laying on the floor looking at my ceiling fan thinking, fuck…lucky for me the floor broke my fall and i look over and the dogs are laughing at me…i know, you”r could she tell the dogs were laughing at her…hey, damnit, their my dogs and i can tell when the laugh at me…and they were laughing at me.. not big haha”s, but the giggle and snort kind of laugh…
i finally lurch and drag myself to my feet and decide to watch a movie..watched the cooler and man…was it good…lots of naked bodies, hot sex and violence…my kinda movie…and not one time did anyone mention king george forest gump…


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