Went to the local video store and rented 7 movies..2 for free. saw the village and assault on 13th precinct…which was ok, but the village …man, i didnt see that coming at alll. what a great movie…he is one sneaky son of a bitch that m. night..all of his movies have endings that sneak up on you and go ahha..gotcha…
also have punch drunk love cause i love adam sandler, about schmidt because i love jack nicolson, and 3 other movies that i have forgot already..i am stricken with the worse case of old farts desease ever…i love going to the video store here as the lady who runs it is a big ass fam of movies and we seem to like the same ones so always end up doing reviews when i bring them back..we both agree that kill bill 2 is the best movie ever…she and i like movies where justice is spread out in as kick ass way as possible..she loves dirty harry movies and the spagatti movies too. My last and dearly departed husband Jack hated cops so he hated all movies with cops like dirty harry. Jack was always threatning to go to calif and find clint eastwood and kick his ass for all the dirty harry movies he made..clint should thank me for saving his ass…


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