I decided to get internet service and was down loading it and all of a sudden I get alerts, warnings, etc. that there is a virus etc. so didnt get internet service and also lost everything on my screen. my games..everything is in folders except games and havent figured out how to get it back on tool bar or side bar or what ever the fuck that is called when your little icons are on the screen…Do i need to reenter windows 2000? I have to have my freecell solitaire game…What will I do when I cant sleep at 3am …Good thing all the liquor stores are closed..Plus to top it all off..im over drawn on my checking account..much to my surprise…I am still going over my check book trying to figure out what the fuck I did this time…lucky for me my bank just pays them..but still have to pay the charges…fuck me, fuck the dog…and fuck bush…


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