I finished the Phillip Margolin book “Lost Lake” and man was it good…read it straight thru….one day…but the one I read right before it was called Mermaid Swimming and cant remember the author but it was her first book…I really did like it…but sorta, kinda strange also..about 3 women and starts with the grandma who is from Ireland and goes to America has a daughter and goes back to Ireland when she is 15…not a happy camper…she gets pg…marry”s the guy leaves goes back to America and raises the daughter til she dies of cancer and the grandma comes to American to take her back to Ireland…these were some really friendly ladies… really friendly…the mother that died of cancer had been down on everything but the Titanic….and daugher was a close second…but still a good book….
also read kinky friedman”s latest 10 new yorkers…but. not happy with the ending…now I am reading staub”s new one…so far so good…still reading the bloom county comics book too. I love opus…and Bill the cat…well, going to go read some blogs…ya”ll come back and see us..ya hea”


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