He was the oldest of 7 born on a tiny farm in Mesquite texas…he took being the eldest very seriously and being a son very seriously…He was in the military for 30 years and in civil service for 20…I used to tease him all the time cause he was just this sweet, kind gentle loving man who had me for his only child…told him if you believed in reincarnation..he had to be paying some bad deed off by getting me as his only kid…but he never saw it that way…he was the kind of man that stood up when women came to the table or left the table, he held your chair when you sat down..he never smoked a day in his life, but lit all his wives cigerettes by putting it in his mouth and lighting it for them..he didnt think that looked lady like for them to light it themselves.. he was a good man…I never heard anyone ever say anything bad about him…he was good to all his neices and nephews, tryed to keep peace between his warring brothers and sisters…and had the most wonderful dry sense of humor…example…once when he was married to my mother, a very difficult woman, she woke him up in the middle of the night and said “Bill, i just woke up with a jerk….”..and Daddy said, “Well, kick the son of a bitch out of bed and go back to sleep”…
when I was a kid I was such a tom boy and was always getting my ass into trouble..but when your a service brat you had to be careful cause eveything you did reflected on him and he could lose rank over my I kept my trouble making to small stuff…and of course being a kid if I got caught I would lie like a persian rug…so Daddy had a solution for that little problem…he would make me stand right in front of him and would say “Jackiesue…look me right in the eyes and tell me the truth.”…well, hell, I could no more look him in the eye and lie then I could fly…which maybe why I am such a poor liar today and only do it if I am trying to keep from going to jail…..My Daddy died in 1982…6 months after he retired from civil service…but..Iam still Daddy”s Little Darling….and always will be…


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