i dont know what the deal is but didnt go to sleep last night…at all..finally about 12:30 I was reading a book and fell asleep and my head went down on my book and my glasses read pressed up against the book and now I have the imprint of my glasses on my marks on nose …reminds me of when i used to drink and I would buy that last six pack to take home and would sit on the floor by the coffee table and watch tv and drink those last beers.would wake up 3 hours later with ring imprints on my face from passing out on the six pack…
I have always had trouble sleeping, but seems like it is getting worse…I usually get 4-5 hours sleep and then stay up for a day and a half…or daughter called the last time from san fran last night and was 12:30am and she said are you asleep? I said, are you kidding..??? she was telling her friends about how much I read and by working at the library I had checked my account and since I have moved back to west I have read over 6,000 10 years…that doesnt count books I get from friends, garage sales or gifts from family…I have read more books than anyone in west…seems like I should be one hell of a lot smarter…She said all of her friends were impressed with all the books I read…and not one romance novel in the bunch…not that I am against romance novels…It is just not something I enjoy…I refer to them as heaving bosoms…well, as we say in texas….I’m fixing to go to the library…read all the books I had checked out plus had about 5 more that I had got at garage sale..going to donate them to the library…ya’ll come back ya’hea


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