I watched the Baylor game yesterday and we won in 10 innings…so one down and 3 to go…we play again at 6pm..will far Iam not a jinx for the mens baseball team like I was for the girls basketball team…
Stupid dogs got out of the yard again yesterday and were gone until almost 10 pm…little bastards..they snuck in the yard and actually tried to pretend they had been there all along…I came out on the porch and they were like..”hi, were you been, where”s dinner, is this water fresh, where”s the cat…what time is it..” little fuckers.
My daughter called me yesterday a couple of times..first to remind me that it was her one year anniversary…she has been sober for one year..she got her little slug or what ever that thing is they give you when you ..chip..that”s what it is..she got her one year chip…I am so proud of her…and she does all the meetings, goes to her couselor, therapist, etc… just working the program..she sounds so happy…she has been there 3 years now and almost one year in san francisco…sure do miss her…but think texas is bad for her…want to go visit her soon…miss my baby…
still act like there is a bird in the house when the phone rings…look all around…like…what is that noise..and the dogs are standing in front of the receiver going “answer the fucking phone dipshit”…
I have put off garage sale for another week…just too flapping the time I mow the two yards I wont feel like hauling the crap out…beginning to think in stead of having a yard sale might have a house fire..

Im going to answer part of that little quiz that was going around a few weeks ago…so here tis..
my full name is Jacque Sue Therese Roycroft Brown, Clark, Brown, Denney…I was born Novemeber 12, 1943…on a friday and the mooon was full..I was judas priest I hate to say this…Blytheville, Arkansas..but left when I was 6 days old..only reason why I wasent born in Mesquite, Texas like I was supposed to is because my mother felt the need to piss my father off for some reason, as he had wanted me to be born in my aunts and grandmother made an end run from Mesquite to come get me and get me back to Texas before some of that arkie shit rubbed off on me…and the tag to that story is when I filed for my social security I had to have my birth cirtificate and coundly find it so sent off to ark. for one and they said…hmmm…cant find you…doesnt seem like we have a record of your being born in ark…so took me extra long time to get my ss because there is no record of my birth in ark..and they say dont mess with Texas…huh…
I now reside in ..if you dont know by now…you never will…Texas
i have green eyes with flecks of yellow…my hair was blond for years and now is turd murkle brown with some gray…I am 5” 3 1/2″ tall and what I weigh is nunyafuckingbusiness..
I am right handed, but I hit a baseball left handed and golf left handed and fish left handed…dont ask me I dont have a clue.
My mother was half french/half german my daddy is irish/english and some indian tossed in…I am wearing my blue converse high tops and my weakness is I pretend not to be weak…dont tell
my fears are someone will find out Im weak…yeah right..
the perfect pizza would be one that I made myself with everything but pineapple and anchovies.. and double cheese
my goals for this year are to live to see the end of it…
my most overused im phrase is…Howdy..
The first thing I think of when i wake up is…fuck…I have to pee
I go to bed around 5am and get up around 10am..or I dont go to sleep at all, like today…havent been to sleep yet and its 8am.fuck..I have to pee
I dont understand the most missed memory…if its a memory and you missed it…how do you know what it is…???? I miss my daddy
Pepsi/coke…gotta be kidding…dublin drpepper
Mcdonald or Burget King?…Im in Texas ya”ll…it”s whataburger….all the mayo
and as for single or dating…I would rather have open heart surgery with a rusty saw
Lipton or nestea???suntea…
chocolate or vanilla..i like both but like rocky road the best
cappuccino or coffee? tea….
I dont smoke and I dont drink..been there done that and have tshirt to prove it
fucking right I swear..only vice I have left..dont do it so just talk about it
I sing along with the radio but I sing really really bad…only song i do justice to is janis joplin”s “oh lord, wont you buy me a mercedes benz….my friends all drive porches I must make amends…..worked…you get it..
I shower nearly every night before I go to bed, shampoo and condition…
I have been in love ….maybe once…but think now that I look back on it ….was lust…
I went to one semester of college
never marry again…
do I belive in myself…???hummmI belive I will live thru the day….
I never get motion sickness ever
and no I dont think im attractive..kinda cute for a fat broad….
I am not a health freak…nuuh
I got along with my daddy, but mother and I were…not close…
I love thunderstorms…a lot…love the sounds, the winds, the smells….
cant play any instrument at all
and in the past month I havent drank, smoked, dated, had sex gone to a movie eaten a box of oreos eaten sushi been on stage been dumped or gone skinny dipping..but I have done all of them in my wicked evil past…and stole a sweater when i was 14 just to impress my girlfriends…
I have never been called a tease and got beat up when i was 8 years old by a kid that was 11 and my 2 cousins found him and beat the crap out of him for me…and how do I want to die??? well, gee ..I dont really..but I do know when I do go…I will be yelling and screaming and fighting every fucking step of the way…and if you do come to my funeral and look in the coffin and see me laying there…know one thing and know it for sure….boy am i pissed..


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