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July 30, 2005

Howdy sooner…so glad you are back..missed your twisted little mind…i still think you, me babs and anyone else in the texas, oklahoma area should get together labor day weekend..either in mesquite at my kinfolks reunion so we care scare the fuck out of them red necked right wing republican baptist. or just stay home here in west and we all go to the west all can drink and get crazy and ill just get crazy and drive you all over …take you to coyote bob”s where my 2 gay friends run the place. take you to all the bakeries so you can judge for yourself which has the best kolaches..take you into all the business’s so you can see all the shinny little white faces..introduce you to all my friends who can vouch for all my stories…especially “snake” and david…they were there for most of them…show you our huge swimming pool. introduce you to my granddaughters and drive my my son’s and imacunt’s house and wave at them as he is still pissed at me and probably won’t let me in, even with guests..ha…ha..
anyhow…my little’s good to have you back…



July 30, 2005

It is really fun to work at the library. except on sat. when we open at 9am..I went to bed last night at 5:30 am right after watching stigmata, so when the alarm went off this morning to the sounds of spirit in the sky I was a tad wobbly at the knees. and by the way, I have seen stigmata 3 times and it still doesn”t make a fucking bit of sense, but will watch it once more just to see gabriel berne(spelling). man, now he I would have sex with…hot damn
I went to post office yesterday to get some stamps and while I was there I asked the guy in charge(new guy and cant remember his name0 about if I would have to move my mail box from the house in front as that is what I heard. He said he haden’t heard any more about it and that had been 2 weeks ago..I told him I was pretty pissed as where they were going to move my mail box was at the end of the alley by a house full of “illegal aliens” and I don’t mean martians..there are truck loads of them all the time and would mean that any of them would have direct access to my mail box and the mail inside, which made me nervous..he agreed it could be a problem..I also told him that I would have been a little less pissed off if they had at least come to me and spoke to me about it before all this behind the back shit started.and if she wanted to start out being a new neightbor as a bitch, she had come to the right place as I had nothing much to do,so would have plenty of time to spend on making her life a fucking hell.He thought that was very funny. I asked about getting a p.o. box and he said it was $34 a year. I said “what if i just kick her ass and then get a po box?” he thought that was a good idea too.what I am looking forward to is when she figures out to get to the garbage she has to go thru my yard or put it in her car and drive it around to the alley…she might want to reconsider her little mail box moving request..thinking about making a welcoming cake and ice it with exlax..ah, I love it when people fuck with me…


July 28, 2005

i was half of a pair of people having sex. i am not sure of the exact time, but remember it was after 4th of july and before labor day weekend…I want you to know i didn’t start out with not having sex just sort of happened that way…firs of all i had broken up with a guy i had been going with off and on for about 3 years..he was absolutely the bigges asshole that ever came down the pike, but man was he good in the sack…and could breath thru his ears…if you get my drift…any how..i found out that he was chipping around with half the female population of west and part of waco…so i decided to dump his ass, right after one last fuck…hey i knew it would be awhile….and then right after that i had a hysterectomy and by the time i healed up i was pretty pissed off at my vagina for being such a troublesome peice of equiptment…first it betrayed me by still wanting that ass hole and then it caused me all sorts of pain and the last thing i wanted to do was to do anything that would bring it i cut it off…no more humpa humpa for you you…you…pussy you…so it kind of went from there…first it was 6 weeks and then it was 6 months..i had been burned so badly but that asshole that i couldnt even bring myself to be nice to a guy more less fuck then before i knew it …it was like 6 years…then i started to think…who am i willing to fuck after not having had any for 6 years…cant just fuck anyone after that long..i mean really who wants to go 6 years without sex and then fuck some fat guy who shows butt crack when he bends over…no jackiesue, you’ve gone this long, now you can start looking for …mr. right…some one good looking, funny, smart, with a good heart, a cowboy fan, someone that doesnt smoke, or drink, and well, here it is 20 years later..and im still fucking looking….and now it has been so long the criteria is really up there..has to be able to afford to buy us seperate homes as im not living with no body…has to be a democrat and a christians for me..thank you very much..look sort of like brad pitt but with wrinkles and a tiny pot to top it off i not only am waiting for an impossibility but he will have to have a dick tough enough to work his way thru 20 years worth of cobwebs….


July 28, 2005

told you we were having the barbecue cookoff and it is also going to feature a garden tractor pull-off. i swear i do not make this shit up..
they have discovered west nile virus in elm mott which is right down the road from us…that’s not good.
mildred and bill dokupil went to italy and met the pope in rome…they are still excited about it..think she cried for 3 days..they got to kiss his ring and actually had a short conversation with it was kinda of neat for them…i on the other hand would have had some serious questions for his holiness but they are good catholics and it really meant alot to them..
crops are doing badly in west area. milo harvest got hurt by either no rain or rain in wrong time and lots of wind blew the stalks to the ground..
purple hear day is scheduled for aug. 5th…each year there are fewer and fewer of sad…our hero’s are dieing out..
deiterman-berger’s are having a family reunion. 2 marriages. 3 anniversaries, 3 births’ and one death.
the pizza house team won district crown for midget boys baseball..
jeanette karlik’s little column had a great little bit on old jewerly..dont think she has thrown anything away in her entire life and she is my age..she has all the old 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, etc jewerly..the stretch bracelets, the add a bead ones, and the add a pearl, the charm bracelets, the dangle bracelets. i think i will call her and tell her she needs to sort thru all that stuff and sell it on ebay…she has tons of stuff from as far back as the 30’s.
community grocery had blue bell on sale again and finally broke down and bought some non fat banana split yogurt…its pretty damn good.
now for the good thing…50 years ago today in west..
key word being 50 years..not as in a long time ago..but just a short 50 years ago..west schools were intergrated. and the big problem.???? they were afraid that they were going to be forced(the blacks0 into going to a white school. there were 214 enrolled at the dunbar school which was all black.its a long article but i think interesting enough to put it in…so here goes…im free hand typing this so i will screw up and misspell for sure..
West Independent School District’s policy on intergration of negro and white students in public schools shaped up into something more tangible this week following a meeting of school trustees and Dunbar School patrons last week and a special speech delivered by superintendent M.F.Kruse at a Kiwanis club meeting WEd.
Mr. Kruse stressed in his talk that Dunbar patrons attending the intergrations meeting solidly endored continuance of the Dunbar school program. “Some of the Dunbar patrons at the meeting actually were more concerned than we that their children might be ”forced” to attend white shcools,” the West school leader asserted.
Voluntary Segregation Ok.
His discussion of the recent Supreme Court ruling abolishing segregation pointed out that voluntary segregation seeminly would be allowed under the decision.
In handing down the decision, Supreme Court justices lieft an opening to allow negroes to attend their own schools if they choose. Mr. kruse said. Only type of segregations was “forced” segregation.
Mr. Kruse told the Kiwanians that Dunbar schools were a fully accredited 12-grade system, a standing many white schools can”t boast, and the colored population of West are proud of their schools.
“We don’t know what initiative local federal judges will take in enforcing the Supreme Court ruling, but if they say we”ll have to admit colored students in our white schools, then we’ll have to let them in,” said Mr. Kruse. “However, we feel that there will be only scattered instances, maybe none, whre negro parents will want to send their children to white schools.”
Dunbar Already Open
The superintendent backed up his contention by citing that a full enrollment of over 214 students registered for the first 6 weeks of a split term at Dunbar shcools Monday.
Mr. Kruse also told of school board plans to continually improve the Dunbar school plant and curriculum. “Those people appreciate the fact that West provided them a high school program when they weren’t forced into the step by a court ruling.They know we”re interested in helping them, and we’ll continue to do so,” he said.
In closing, Mr. Kruse observed that school boards all over the south are somewhat pioneers with the respoinsibility of the intergration movement thrust aquare on their shoulders. “We haven’t seen intergration in our cafes, movies, swimming pools trains, and haven’t heard of any of the local churches expressing definite opinions on intergration. WE’re going ahead with this problem with one main point in mind, what is best for the children…both colored and white,” he concluded…
now here it is 50 years later and there are no black people employed in any of the major business”s with the exception of the west rest home where they are employed in the kitchen, aids and laundry. They still live in “their own part of town”…although it is not spoken about..but a lot of people won’t place ads in paper for jobs or rent houses as they don’t want to have black people apply for them…as they know legally they cant not…rent to them. now the schools are as equal as anything i have seen. the west kids could give a shit what color you are as long as your cool…there are more little black/czech babies running around town than their grannies would ever believe…but the guy that owns the swimming pool is a bigot…one of the grandkids girl friend was talking to a black kid at the swimming pool and ( i swear this is true) and he called the girls mother and said there was a problem and for her to come get her daughter. when she showed up she found out that the problem was her daughter was talking to a black kid(they go to school together) and she went postal. told him her daughter could talk to who ever she wanted and if he didnt like it he could kiss her ass…he actually called her daughter a nigger lover and i thought the kids mom was going to rip his head off…i have known both the mother and the kid for years and knew she would react like is just scary how their are still people with such racist viws…at the pool he has rules about swimming aparell and boys have to wear swim suits with lining and no cut offs..but you can go in there any time and see white boys with cut offs all the time..but the black kids are all in swimming trunks. he uses it as an excuse to keep them out. some day i will have to kick his ass…
so that is the haps in 50 years…not much has changed…but there is hope…


July 28, 2005

so little punk kids, friends of my granddaughters came in to library to do community service and i am working today and sat. so i have my little slaves, dusting and cleaning the glass. wonder if i can get them to wash my truck? hmmm.
didn”t get to get on line yesterday. for some unknown reason, aol was not working in west…it said that there was no hook up for texas..but i think it lied to me…and for some reason working off henrietta’s computer i keep getting my old aol address and cant find my new one to read my mail..think it is all forest gumps fault..
well, yesterday i met my new neighbor…hard to explain how my little house is laid out. in west back in the 40’s and 50’s and early 60’s a lot of the houses had “slave quarters”, not really. but they build small houses in the back of their yards for their “help” to live in..little one bedroom houses with yard. then when texas finally decided to free the “help” in about 1965 they were called mother-in-law houses. where you stashed the mother in law so she didnt have to live with you and she had her own little that is what i have..when i moved in here 10 years ago edda and johnny owned both houses and rented out the little house..after 8 years they sold it and moved into her mother”s house when she died..and edda (who says fuck more than i do) was worried that who ever bought her house would want to buy mine too so sold me the house. but since she knew i couldnt afford to do it thru bank with interest, etc. she is selling it to me just like i was paying rent. $225 a month…I got along great with the people who bought the big house..became a “grany” to their son gatlan, who is sooo cute and i adore him. well, they moved and they rented the house to some asshole with pits..i loved the pit bull toby more than his owner…toby was my bud…then he got another pit and it jumped the fence and killed my cat chuck that i had for 16 years…broke my heart..took me a full year to get up enough nerve to tell maryjo that he was dead, and lord i hope she doesnt read this cause i told her that he died of old age…any how….he moved and house stayed vacant for almost a year and they finally sold it…which brings us to the gist of my little long winded story..went to pay water bill yesterday and caroline the city hall clerk looks at me and grins and says “have you met your new neighbors yet?” im thinking oh shit..who moved in…forest gump? and said nope, why and she said the new neighbor was up at post office and wanted my mail box moved out from the front yard as she only wanted hers up there. now since the house has been there there has been 2 boxes for mail…and the garbage comes on wed and who ever lives in big house has to either load their garbage in truck, car or what ever and drive it around or do like everyone else has and just go thru my big deal for me…usually when i do get my mail i dont go thru the yard i wait till im out in the truck and drive up to front and get it..well, guess she was afraid i was going to be wandering around in her yard or something when i checked the mail and wanted the mail box moved…so the post office is trying to figure out where to move it without being a dick to me…i for one dont give a fuck…but she might think about pissing me off when it comes time to empty her garbage as they only have cars..think using your car to haul your weekly garbage around the block for awhile could become pretty i told caroline..she might want to rethink he attitude about being a not so nice neighbor as all it will do to me is add some spice to my dull life…fucking wiht her could realy be fun. she may have bit off more than she can chew…and i will have someone to fuck with besides forest gump… is of the guys at city hall said they were going to start a pot to see how long it took me to make her cry uncle….


July 26, 2005

they are bringing back the drive in movies in texas. there have been at least 5 new drive in movie theater”s built since 2003..if i had the money i would build one right here in the heart of texas. ther is one in gatesville which is about an hours drive…and i know lots of people from waco and west area that drive there all the time for the outdoor movie experience…plus hot dogs are $1.225, soda pop is less that a $l.00. you can use the old speakers if you want or you can listen to them on the radio station..according to there are as many as 4,063 drive-ins in the nation. Texas peaked with 388 in 1955 and now has 18..doesnt say how much is cost to get in..but you have already saved big bucks by the price of the snacks can do like we used to ..pop our own corn, bring our own sodas and just have the price of the movie…i would love it..i miss drive ins soo much..used to go as a kid and took my kids too. remember the dusk to dawn ones..where you went in at dusk and watched movies straight til dawn..for $5.00 a car…what a deal.. i would make tacos, popcorn, brownies, and take big ole containers of ice tea and koolaid…man, what a deal..wonder how much it would cost to put one in..?


July 26, 2005

wal-mart hs ditched a program that helped single shoppers find love in the discount store’s aisles.
officials at wal-mart head quarters oredered their roanoke store to put an end to singles shopping, the only program of its kind at wal-mart stores. taking a cue from wal-marts in germany, the month old program encouraged customers on friday evenings to pick up a red bow they could place on their shopping cars as an invitation to other singles. flirt points were set up in various sections fof the stores.
wal-mart spokesman declined to comment of the reason behind the programs cancelation. but customer dale firebaugh, who showed up friday night hoping to meet his match said store employees told him several people had complained. im disappointed said mr. firebaugh, 63. where can someone over 40 who doesnt smoke or drink or go to bars meet someone..?…

well, come on down mr. firebaugh…here’s a 61 year old lady who doesnt smoke, drink and hasent had sex in 20 years…im all yours….

yeah, right…


July 26, 2005

well, so far i have introduced 3 people to blogging. danny boy and my friend robin and now my 2nd cousin michael…he and I are the only 2 democrats in the family. at least that aren’t afraid to speak up about it…dont know if michael is a pagan like me but even so im sure the other cousins are praying for him too. we big big time sinners…they really truly believe we are going straight to hell…maybe…but i doubt welcome to the blogger michael…


July 25, 2005

two articles one right under the othe in sunday paper..very interesting to me..
Army may miss enlistment goal.
The Army’s top personnel officer, Lt. Gen. Franklin L. Hagenbeck, acknowledged last week that the service would probably miss its recruiting goal this year, the first public admission by a senior Army offical and a stark reminder of the Iraq wat’s impact on enlistments. The Army has not missed its annual enlistment quota since 1999.
then right below it…
Poll: 6 in 10 say world war is likely
Americans are far more likely than the Japanese to expect another world war in their lifetimes, according to polling 60 yers after World WarII ended. Most people in both countries believe the first use of a nuclear weapon is never justified. Six in 10 Americans said they think such a war is likely, while one one-third of the Japanese said so, according to polling done in both countries for the Associated Press and Kyodo, the Japanese news service..

well, hmmmm….no one wants to fight in Forest Gump’s war while most of us believe there will be a wwIII. Started something some one else is going to finish for you,you dumb sonofabitch…


July 25, 2005

article in dallas am news sports section…should have been on the front paper, below the fold..
“Bad enough when your child commits suicide, possibly as the result of steroids withdrawal. Evne worse when two sets of California parents speak out against performance-enhancing drugs, and Arnold Schwarzenegger’s press secretary says they’re being used for political purposes, “probably by Democrats.” A bd couple of weeks for Arnold. Afte he vetoed legislation to ban sale of some supplements to minors, out came revelations that he had an $8 million contract with a oompany that publishes muscle magazines.he canceled the deal, but now his spokesperson made matters worse. Maybe you’d belive someone could play politics with the parents of a dead child, but who says so publicly? One other thing”Both sets of parents say they’re Republicans and voted for Arnold”… asked for him…you got him….