Jackiesue sits in the dark room, lit only by the glow from the tv set. The only sound is the wind whistling thru the gap in Letterman”s front two teeth..She stirs a pot gently, whispering sweet things to the bubbling mass of dead things…”Ah, this will bring them…and with them they bring our strength..our wisdom, our ability to grasp the truth and jerk it out of forest gump’s ass.”.As she clutches the magic ingredient in her fat little hand she awaits the hoard, her little flock of left wings…come to me my pretties, come to mama..”
In Oklahoma, soonerfan78 stirs and rises from his bed of snakes, burrs and puppy urine…He brings his gift for the pot…the eye of a newt..newt grindrich.Soonerfan78 smiles his death smile…I am coming Jackiesue…I am coming…
Barbaraw47 creeps slowly from her bed and steps over the lifeless body of nascar great, matt…her gift for the pot held to the light…it is the left nut of a right wing nut…Cheney….she giggles..and heads for West, by God, Texas…
In Vermont, Blooddreamz has already left her lair of mad kin, aya…she clutches her gift for the pot to her breasts…the lifeless heart of a republican, lifeless when she plucked it from her chest…as we all know, repulicans dont have a heart…Condi wont miss it any how…and she turns to the south…we’re coming Jackiesue…we’re coming….


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