Things in west by god texas are the same..We are having our yearly West Rodeo…and will reinstate the parade that they quit having because the cowboys would ride thru town drunk on their horses and scare the crap out of everyone…i thought it was great fun..but now they have said if we want to continue to have the parade, that we have to have it in orderly lines and no booze..bunch of old fuddy duddies..
The grassroots Democrats are meeting 12th of July. Think I might go just to see what kind of stuff I can stir up…There are 3 birth..and this time of the year we have lots of reunions.The Kutscherousky and Hrabal”s…No one died in West this week. cool…Community Grocery has 4 pints of Bluebell Ice Cream for sale for $5…going to get me some of that..Bellbell is a texas made ice cream…and it is sacred the flower its self..also beef liver is on sale for .89lb.and have to get some of that too. For Rocky…he loves cooked liver..wont eat it raw, but loves it cooked …with some gravy and onions..ok, that”s me that likes it with gravy and onions..
can buy a 2/1 house right down the street from me for
$35,000..You can buy a house in willie nelson’s home town of Abbot for $76,000…Think he was around this past week or so ..he had the 4th of july picnic in Fortworth and was a big hit..Kinky Friedman was there humping for votes..Would love to go but just to damn hot…I love Willie and will go just about any where to see him, but not to stand out in Texas in July for 8 hours or so…nope, dont think so…but 30,000 other people were dont think I was missed..such a great line up..Ray Price, Jessie Colter, Leon Russell, Ray Benson from Asleep At The Wheel, Bob Dylan, David Allen Cole, Los Lonely Boys, Billy Joe Shaver, Johnny Bush and Ray Wylie Hubbard just to name a few…back in west a Baptist rancher is advertising for a woman. No smoker and no drinker..Thinking about answering the ad just to fuck with him..I dont smoke or drink…but I worship the goddess and cuss like a sailor on that should be interesting…hmmm..I may do it yet..just to wile away the time…Article in west paper about a 5 year old golfer who placed in golf tournaments in Dallas and Richarson. He shot a 38 over nine the 7 and under group. Placed 6th out of 25 in the U.S. Kids State Championship, and shot a 42 over nine holes..
West is getting so fancy..We now have a tea room. called the Bohemian Princess… can get hot tea for $1.00, salad for $4.00 chicken sandwitches for $4.00 and desserts for $2.00.They even have a little tiny cafe table with 2 chairs on the side walk in case you want to sit out in the 103 weather and slip your hot tea and eat your pe..can…pie..cracks me up..Dont know who they are trying to fool…bunch of red neck czech’s..would rather stay indoors in their underwear watching baseball and drink beer…oh well, Iam sure there are enough pretensious assholes in town that will slurp tea in the heat just to impress their neighbors…unlike me who will sit in front of tv naked drinking dublin dr.pepper…slow week in west…people are staying in doors…dont know if it is the heat or if they heard that sooner, babs, blooddrmz and the rest of the bloggers are coming to town…either way..they are hiding out…come my pretties…come..


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