Except for the sound of the secret servicemen talking quietly on their radio’s, all is quiet at the Ranch.Inside the compound a group of men sit around a large round table litered with emply soda cans, cold cups of coffee and ashtrays full of assorted cigars and cigerettes. One of the men shakes his head as if he were trying to keep awake..”What is it exactly were supposed to do here to keep him safe?There is nothing in our power to keep her and her flock of left wings out of here, she and her hoard are just to strong. What the fuck are we going to do?”
A tall thin gangly man stands, stretches his back and says quietly”I for one am going to bed, they wont be here for at least a few days and I have to get up early and go ride my bike. So good night, ya’ll.”…there was nothing but silence for 4-5 minutes when one of the men spoke up in a disgusted voice.”its not even 9:30 and the leaded of the free world is going to bed so he can get up early and ride his bike?We are doomed, that woman and her group will eat us alive. Because we know one thing and one thing only…..their coming.”


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