I was watching tv last night and for some reason I had on Leno and there was a group of women on stage doing weird acrobatic woman was singing and had a beautiful voice. while she was singing one short haired blond woman in a red bikini was slashing the air with a bull whip. one was dangling from ceiling from two silk sashes, three others were in hells and garter belts doing some kind of blue angle skit with high back chairs and some others were just bumping and grinding all over the place..was pretty intertaining..but what struck me as really funny was the first thing I thought of was…”man, sooner would love this”….
Then while I was watching tv I saw a movie advert for Willie Wonka and the chocolate, am I the only one that thinks that Johnny Depp dressed up as his version of Willie Wonka looks a lot like Michael Jackson?..all those weird expressions, dark glasses and white make up…too fucking weird for me…plus there is only one Willie Wonka..Gene what a waste of money to make a remake…


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