Deep, deep down in the heart of Texas, under the Crawford Ranch in his secret little hidey hole, the President meets with his “special advisory” team…12 of the most evil spirits in the world..”So, do you think they are still buying the goofus dufus act I have been putting on for 5 years or do I need to drive the bike into someone again..?”..George W.slunk around the room grinning his never been seen before grin, of someone who has pulled the wool over everyones eyes..
“I can play stupid just as long as it takes for me to be able to finish my take over of the world”.There is much hissing and howling from the evil 12.”No Master, we thinks they are buying your little scam..they dont suspect anything..they think you are some bumbling inept cowboy who is being led by the nose by Cheney, Rice and the rest of the staff. Even Herself doesnt suspect you.It is going just as you planned.” The room is filled with howling laughter and the sound of bones being snapped and blood being sucked from some once living but now dieing creature of the night.”But there is still the one down the road that is gathering her followers and we dont think she is buying it at all. We think she pretends to be fooled but knew all along that you were not what you pretended to be..she knows all and now with her hoard………she comes….What shall we do master?”
In a matter of seconds the smiling face of George W. Bush shift changes and becomes what has been under neath all along…fangs dripping, eyes full of blood, his body slowly morphing into “the great satan”…
He turns quickly and screams the scream of death…we will kill them all.” to be continued..


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