Well, first of all I dont think any thing about me is weird except for my friends….so on that goes..
I dont recognize myself when I look in the mirror as I still think Im 30 years old and skinny…I see that fat woman in the mirror and wonder”how the fuck did a fat woman get in my bathroom?”
I love all kinds of food. only food I wont eat is turnips and rutabagas..ick..
I have to have a window open in house or car..claustophobic
I like to sleep naked during the summer and wear long flannel shirt during winter..
I dont like to wear socks
I am alergic to percadan, codine, talwin, demeral, delaudid, and morphine..which means all thru my 5 operations and recovery I was in constant pain because I couldnt take pain pills..when I did find one that worked by the time it worked..I was alergic to it..found this out in the 70’s when I had my hemroids removed(or fish bait as my dr. called them) and couldnt find anything to take that would stop the pain. Only thing that saved me was I had a bidet and would sit and soak my ass in it…only good thing the french ever did.
I have never lived a time in my life when I didnt have a, cat, rabbit, birds.Had a parakeet named Pete that could say “fuck the yankees”, talk in japanese, and would give ball scores or give play by play ..from sitting by the radio with my daddy when he would listen to the games..Daddy was a yankee fan, but I was a brooklyn dodger fan, so guess who taught him to say fuck the yankees…? i was 9
Almost all the friends I have I have had for over 30 years…except for my new blogger friends…
I make lists all the time…they are all over the house. on computer, by my chair where i watch tv, on refer, on bathroom mirror..I make lists..but never use them…
I keep a journal every night
I figured out that I used the same route to go any place in town and then changed my route each day in case someone tries to kidnap me…still think the x mother-in-law is out to get me.
I am a better friend than I am a parent..but I am the best grandma
I am a scorpio ..which means.I can be your best friend or your worse enemy…I am a believer in forgiving…but never forget…I love to get even…
I can be smug and a royal asshole…actually take great pride in being queen of the assholes..
I have such a screwed up nerve in my right leg that I fall all the time…Has done wonders for my sense of humor…nothing like falling on your ass 2=4 times a week to make you funny…if I fall on my face my tits break my fall…can bounce 2-3 times before I settle down..
I have all kinds of little scratches and scars from when I was a kid..I was a tomboy and was always climbing trees, falling, getting into fights…I was the best catcher on all the baseball teams but couldnt play on them as I was a girl…made me so mad, every time I got the chance I would kick one of them’s ass…They were scared to death of me..Would go home and tell their parents that jackiesue beat them up. fathers would get so pissed that their sons got beat up by a girl that the finally went to my daddy and asked him to make me stop beating up their sons..My daddy laughed so hard….told them to go home and teach their sons how to fight or to learn how to get whipped without crying…Think the only reason I was such a tom boy was because I was an only child and all my cousins were boys and thought daddy wanted a son too, so did everything i could to be his son..i had hair down to my ass and cut it off so i would look like a boy and my daddy cried…said if he had wanted a son he wouldnt have had me…then we both cried..
then i went out side and kicked some boys ass…
I went to 16 different schools…
Daddy was m/sgt in airforce and we went every where..
well, Iam sure there are lots more weird things about me…but cant think of them…just my weird friends…


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