Was having a senior moment last night and was remembering stuff about when i was a kid..and growing up…
remember being allowed to go and do all most anything i wanted on Kelly Air Force Base as my daddy was the control tower chief and I was his only kid..I did stuff that would have turned both my parents hair gray if they knew and if I did it now would get evryone arrested…I would ride around the base in jeeps with gi’s and sneak on airplanes and one time i got to ride in a helicopter around the base and heads would have been chopped if anyone found out..I was never afraid someone would hurt me..never occured to me actually. I think now about child molestors and killers and I was in places i had no business being and was always felt safe..I also learned some great swear words…I actually was 18 before I knew that cocksucker was not another word for civilian…and when I married husband number one who went into airforce too, I caused bedlam when he was getting dressed for parade duty and had to wear what i know know is called an overseas cap…they are shapped like an envelope..he went and got in truck with the rest of the gi’s to go to the base and he left his hat and I ran out the door waving his little hat over my head and said”honey, you forgot your cunt cap”’s were falling out of the truck they were laughing so hard…#1 hubby was soo pissed. He had to exlain to me the real name, why it was called cunt cap and why It was NOT funny me calling it that…asshole, how was I to know..only thing I had ever heard it called…and all those cadence’s when the soldiers marched…” I know a girl who lives on a hill, she wont do it but her sister will”, or…”I know a girl from new orleans she has a mustache in her jeans”..didnt know what that meant either ..and didnt have a clue what eskimo pussy was…but I knew it was cold…and you guys wonder why I have such a tacky mouth…I knew all these dirty sayings and dirty words but didnt have a clue what they meant…I was soooo dumb…I swear to the goddess. once when I was about 11 and I had just started getting breast..were like a size c cup…and a boy walked up to me and wanted to know if I wore falsies..? I stupid child that I was..said”no, my teeth are real, I dont have false teeth.”he thougth I was being funny and thought I was soooo cool…didnt have a clue..
Well, I know better now…betcha ass..


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