One of the nice things about not having a phone was no phone calls.. now I have a phone again and fuck, people are calling me…so far havent had too many telemarketing calls, but everybody and their aunt sally are calling me and they call when they want to ..and doesnt matter if Im ready for the call or not…8am this morning my girlfriend calls from mosouri and says”did I wake you?”..fuck yes you woke me…i go to bed at know I go to bed at 4am and only get up at 8am if the house is on fire..she laughed..I wasnt trying to be funny…but still glad to hear from her..she has sold the house that i live I will have new neighbors,and great kids…not that I dont like kids but neighbors are like kinfolk, you dont get to pick them and the way people raise (or dont raise) their kids today, I was not crazy about having to break in new kids to the whims and ways of jackiesue…Then we talked about books that we have read…we both agreed that the secret life of bees was a humdinger..great book..and Im still reading about the yaya’s…She has two kids..Gatlin who adores me and I him…and his new baby sister who is almost 7 months old..Credence Carolyn Roberts…or as we call her CCR. She is so cute..
I have to go to bank today and get money to transfer the truck into my name and get insurance in my name on it..fuck…would rather have dental surgery with no novicaine than go talk about money. Lucky for me, I have a great bank…west bank and trust…they have seen me thru lots of good and bad times..Another great thing about living in small town…any where I go I am hailed by my name..I get hi jackie”s all over the does not know my name and could care less..Here they not only know my name, they ask about the kids the grandkids, the dogs and rocky…sympathised with me when Chuck the black cat got killed..and are happy for me when I tell them how well maryjo is doing..They ask about my back and health in general..and wonders of wonders they have hired a hispanic lady for a teller job…Remember it is still 1957 here and that is a big deal..she is sweet as all the other tellers and just had a baby…the day I walk in to one of the major business’s in west and there is a black person working there is the day I will short out and croak…So many of the population is old czech”s and they still have all the old world prejudices and I would stop before I actually call them bigots but they just dont “mix”. and believe it or not, there is a part of town where most of the black people live..There is one small area in town that the housing is pretty run down but they are 3rd generation czech’s…The black housing area is well kept and very our tiny slum area is “white trash” as it was called in my way way younger days…West is divided by the railroad tracks.. most of the business”s are grouped around the tracks and at least once a day you have to drive out of your way to go to a different cross street as the train is stopped and blocking all the major crosses…I love listening to the train when it goes by at is pretty busy most day and night..think it shoots right into you learn to time your driving in west to make sure you are on the side of town you want to be on when the train comes thru other wise you sit in your car counting cars on the train for 15 minutes..
gas has gone up to $1.25 here and I am so pissed…another reason to accost forest at the ranch…if we are going to be over there in iraq at least we should get some cheap gas out of the deal..well,stalled long to the bank. where bernie will cut the paper work for me..then horrors of all horrors…I will have to drive to waco…would rather do just about anything than drive the 20 someodd miles to waco and futz with insurance co and drive back…only bright spot is I will stop on the way back and get a dairy queen ice cream cone…our dairy queen closed down last winter and I have been mouring every since…I never ate there but loved the ice cream..and really do miss it..maybe I will open up a book store with a ice cream parlor in it…ok, Im still stalling…gotta go…ttfn


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