I read other blogs like, blooddreamz, sooners, babs, retired thoughts, rubyrocks, gooner, denise, liberallikejesus,obliqueone, grumpy etc..and I am amazed at the comments their posts get..I get comments from most of the people I read, but not a whole bunch compaired to gooner and obliqueone…and made me wonder?? Why dont I get more comments…then I reread some of my posts…heehee.. people are probably going away from my post with slack jaws and glassed over eyes…some of my post are pretty fucking weird…and I pull no punches…on my or anyone else…so maybe I just scare the fuck out of them…and they go away and hide out for awhile..or they just go away…I was just kidding about the curses…really…just kidding…no..really just a joke…just a fucking joke damnit…


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