and blooddreamz would last 15 seconds in texas. and that is at 10am…think it was 103 the other day…
well, I am now the legal and proud owner of 1996 mazda truck..got all the paper work done today…so there is some good news…now for the bad news…I had to give my dogs away…I have done everything possible to barricade the yard to keep those little fuckers in but they always found a way out..they had chewed thru the gate, top and bottom..cyclone fence gate too, not some little weak sister gate. they figured out how to go from my table that I work with my plants on and jump over the fence..they chewed thru the bungie cords I had on the gate to keep it tight so they couldnt push their way thru..no matter what I did, they got out..So the city finally got tired of catching them and bringing them home and said, next time…we keep them and you get a $300 fine per dog…so found a friend of my daughters who lives in mt. calm(yes, that mt. calm, of the branch dividians) and he said he would take them as he has lots of room for them to run loose…So Trooper and puppypuppypuppy are history…I miss them, but I dont miss the agravation of them and they were becoming more and more of a problem than they were fun to me..So it is just me and Rocky Racoon…Who doesnt miss the dogs at all.Matter of fact when he came home and saw they were gone he said”about fucking time”…Some one said I needed to get a small cute little dog.and took 3 cops and a priest to drag me off him…assholes..no more fucking dogs…I should have quit when I had to give Baby up..the great dane…but I keep rescuing these damn dogs…no more..they can have one leg and be on fire and I will walk right by…
Really I will, no really, no more dogs…Im done, really…no more dogs…Did I tell you about this cute little pit bull puppy….well, never mind..


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