with a little liquid sunshine…yup, it raining in west, by god, texas..I stood out on the porch and watched for a few minutes and then decided to hell with it and kicked off my converse high tops and ran out in the yard to do my little thanks to the goddess for the rain dance…looks some what like a spastic hippo trying to fit into a new neighbor drove by and took one look at me out in the yard doing my little dance. I have lots of words but cant find just the right one to describe the look on his face. something between stark terror and stunned disbelief.ahh, who cares… I pays my house payments on time and what I do in the privacy of my tiny little yard is my bidness..he’s lucky I left the clothes on..cause watching me naked doing that little hip swivel might have blinded him for life.
Well, my email has been swamped with memo’s from john kerry, ted kennedy, the democrat party, moving and other people that know I hate forest…everyone is all up in arms about karl rove…big fucking deal..remember the story about the flood and the rabbit needed a ride across the river to dry land and he was forced to hitch a ride with the snake who promised not to eat him..and when they got to the other side the snake bit him and as the rabbit was dieing he asked him why …? and the snake said you knew what I was when I made the offer, what made you think I would change..karl rove is and has always been a back stabbing lieing sonsabitch…so why is everyone surprised he gave up the undercover cia agent..just because he said he didnt …pullllese…if his lips is moving..hes a lieing..same goes for george w…he does not give a shit about the american people unless they can put money is his coffers…like we say in texas and the land of the blind, the one eyed jack is king…and my personal favorite…bush is an asshole…
did anyone watch pbs last night and see the pov about montana. the left against the right for conservation, jobs, freedom of speech, etc…was really interesting and just the tip of the ice berg…it is that way all over our once great country.. we have been taken over my the extreme left(me) and the extreme right…bush and his cronies..but the scarry thing is..the ones in the middle of both parties are the ones who are getting really least we have the satisfaction of yelling screaming and name calling to keep us happy…middle of the roaders just sit and watch us tear the country apart..I would love to be more middle of the road…I will work on it…
no more politics.. for now
My daughter called the other night. she is doing so proud of her..she is working the aa progam and is doing so wonderful. she is going to college and taking flower arrangement classes. has a part time job with a very nice flower shop in haight and will be working nearly full time when she can get it arranged to work around her meetings..she goes to about 3 a week, plus her couselor, her therapy(yes, it was all my fault) and her regular life. she has a new fella..he is 1/2 german and 1/2 greek..talked to him on the phone and he sounds nice…he is in rehab also…she really does love it there in san francisco..every since she was a little girl she has wanted to live there..I lived there for 7 months but was not impressed..the city is beautiful and loved china town, but the people dont cotton to cowboy fans and I wore my cowboy tshirts every day and had a texas flag on my office door…they hated me..fuck em..
plus I worked from 9am till 10pm 7 days a week for the 7months and had 5 days off. one for thanksgiving, one for christmas and 3 days when I had the flu… so when I left I was more than ready…miss the cable cars and the ocean, but that was about it…well, going to go out side and play in the rain some more….ya’ll come and see me ya’hea….



  1. Anonymous Says:

    i’ve been listening to gibberish all my life…the time has come to make sense of the ignorance of others…what isn’t fragile is futile…forgive nothing…common sense is dead, buried out back with jesus in an old tv set…steaming like a fresh turd in a bus shelter on a cool fall morning…it makes me uneasy…like a warm toilet seat in a public washroom…like a dog that will hump your leg but won’t look you in the eye…like that time your grandmother put her tongue in your mouth…threw her head back and laughed out loud with spit dripping from her protruding dentures which clacked in her mouth like an epileptic tap dancer as she shreiked over and over that you’ll never amount to anything more than a soulless cum guzzling gutter slut…and just then…at that moment…you feel you know what love is…ugly and unfortunate truths on a day that hungers to fist fuck the innocent into believing that honesty is something we deserve…forget what you think you know…pucker up futhermucker…grandma’s coming to visit…mmmmmmmmmmm

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