I am sure that everyone knows that I believe in the goddess, but I do go to the catholic church and light candles and talk to J’s mom a lot…So after i blogged this afternoon I went to church and lit about 12 candles and had a very vocal conversation with J’s mom..let her know that I was no happy about the way things were being ran and if she had any pull in the universe to please..please let the police catch the rabid sonsabitch that killed Shawn..I really was raising hell.. you could hear rosary beads klicking all over church…little ole czech ladies were coming up to me and saying they would pray for “you cousin”…but could I keep it down some…Father Ed came out once took one look at the expression on my face and went back into rectory…he wears cowboy boots under his dress…and could hear them all the way down the hall…I would love to say that I feel much better but I dont..just feel like I have to stow the anger and pain away or I will give myself a stroke..

My rain dance is really working…it has rained every evening since my dance…days are hot and humid but about 7pm or so it clouds up , thunders alot and then rains for a few hours..smell soo wonderful…not hot and heavy rains just nice comforting rains..
My friend david’s dad bought one of those recliners that has the phone in it and vibrates..and has heat unit in it also…does everything but give him oral sex..


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