I dont know if i had mentioned in early blogs about my cousin shawn beaty. She was my very favorite cousin and loved her like my baby sister..In the beginning of the year she died in a fire at her home..we all assumed it was an accident and her memorial funeral was absolutely the most beautiful service..there were over 200 flower least..they read emails and telegrams and letters from hundres of people..she was soo loved..she and her husband ran a sunshine travel agency. she and he had also worked for a magazine called dive magazine..and was known and loved by everyone in every resort in the pacific..Well, my cousin in houston just informed me that she was murdered…her dogs that always protected her were killed and she was either killed or hurt so badly that she would have died from wounds and then the fire was set to cover the crime..and then he called fire dept to report the fire…if i ever find out who did this to her there wont be enough of his hide left to wipe my ass with…iam just stunned beyond belief..this tiny wonderful lady was loved by everyone..people got up in church and told funny stories about her..I told a great story about her when she was about 4 years the biggest laugh of the day…we celebrated her life as we thought her death was some tragic accident and now to find out that some low life sonofabitch killed her is just to horrible to can google Shawn Beaty and there is some info about her and the website where people left memorials to her…
I need to channel my anger and pain to another place as I cant deal with this…or some one is going to get very painfully hurt…


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