Doonsbury has really been good lately..Trudeau is on a roll…check out on and see if he is on there. but yesterday’s was really good…here goes..Runnyworld, Throesvilli, Iraq. Call it waht you will, its not going away….(reporteris reporting from iraq) and to play in rummyville, every week it costs the u.s. close to $2 billion, 120 wounded and 15 dead.
How do we make sense of a sacrifice with no end? For that the nation turns to the man who understands it best! (picture of the white house0 It’s hard! 9/11! It”s hard work! 9/11! Lessons of 9/11! Hard! 9/11!….That’s enough for today, sir….

bang my head…someone please put me out of my misery..


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