Man, some of the sports on tv are really strange..was reading latest kinky friedman book and one ear and eye out for the tv when what do i hear but”she lost that race by a half a log”…excuse me??? what was that? a shitting contest? and then later on i hear”they were a half a blow of each other”…followed by”he has a hard peice of wood”… ok, what sport am i watching?.. finally figured out it was extreme out door sports..axe chopping contest, log rolling,log running and dogs jumping in air to catch something hanging down and then fall in the water…but the mental pictures i had were xrated outdoor games..enjoyed watching the dogs..but watching people run up and down logs and running on logs is almost as boring as watching golf or car racing..(sorry babs, but racing bores the fuck out of me and makes me dizzy)
switched it back and forth to watch the quarterback that is really boring…actually golf this weekend was better than ususal..was real golfers against hollywood duffers…ray romano and brad garrett were yucking it up..mainly cause they played lousy golf and my god…has anyone seen charles barkley? he looks like a tiny shamu the whale…he couldnt get his ass off the ground for a slam dunk if his life depended on it…
i am still on my salad, tuna fish, fresh fruit and veggie i need to find me a tread mill as i cant walk to lose weight as i fall down and go tea only so no more dr.pepper…iam not sure how long i can go without dr.pepper..they may have to check me into betty ford for rehab…


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