I have sprayed the yard, house and me and still fleas are about to eat me alive..I have sprayed so much that I know I glow in the dark…im so stupid..I forgot all about Rocky who is bringing the fleas in faster than I can kill need to get one of those things you put on the animals back and only have to use it every 3-6 months..if I can catch the little bastard..He is out humping the neighborhood cats..Need to get him fixed. Maybe he will stay home more and not get into so many fights…gabby hayes looking cat..
I have eaten nothing but salads since wed or so of last week…I am up to the point where if someone walked by me with protien of anykind I would tackle them to the ground and grab it away from them…I think I need some meat…may go get some lean gr. beef and make some tacos..fat broads were not meant to live by leafy stuff alone..No dr.pepper…fuck, just how healthy do I really want to get..?
I had an apple for desert last night…I havent had blue bell ice cream in over a week…no drpeppr..just salad”s for over a week…no meat..popcorn with no butter…or salt.nothing fried…no kolaches.. did I mention I havent had any dr.pepper..?ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH..!!!!!!!!!!!
just salads..
no bluebell
I know you are all stitting there waiting for me to run screaming down the streets to community grocery and get a drpepper followed by a scoop of blue bell..well, I am, really..Im not..not going ta do it…nope, not way.Im strong…I can do way am I going to turn this computer off, go get in my truck and drive to community grocery and buy a 1/2 gallon of vanilla and a long neck way…not me…hey, I quit drugs, drinking, smoking and sex…I can give up blue bell and dr.pepper…its a snap…easy as pie…did someone say pie


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