That may be the only way to keep me from eating it…I left yesterday and went to the store and bought…..more fucking lettuce..more tomatoes and since my favorite grocery store has a little meat market in the back where you can buy one pork chop, or two slices of bacon, or 1/4 lb of lunch meat..I love that store..I bought 1/2 lb of honey ham in large slices so I could put it on the salad and break up the tuna salads…I did make a gigantic pot of beans with ham hock for protien..but to compensate for the lower usage of salt I added way too much pepper. but unless its burnt you can fuck up pinto beans..last night I nuked some no butter popcorn. judas priest, tasted like cardbord..and so far I havent had a dr.pepper..and that has been soo hard..because the stores close up at 8pm there is at least 3 soda pop machines on every other corner and can get canned soda for .25 cents..so driving down the street I see machines selling dr.pepper everywhere..I swear they all know my name..as I can hear them calling me when I drive by..I can just hear me if I get stopped for speeding..”im sorry office but I was driving 85 in a 30 because I wanted to get past the soda pop machines without buying a dr.pepper.”
I have been sitting around trying to figure out a way to bring in some extra money and I decided to try and invent something ….the only thing I have come up with is barb-b-q flavored douche…or one that taste like whiskey or budwiser..if I could perfect that I would be rich beyond means..mmmm pussy licking good.
I need to get a job…now if I could figure out how to do that with out standing on my feet I would be very happy. or a job where i only had to work 4 hours a day as that is about my limit..
fleas..fucking fleas…t-tiny little mother fuckers..and my sprayer broke..used the gook in in and went to unscrew the handle and plink..broke..so going to go take it to west hardware and trade up for a better one..cheap plastic fuckers..
Well, I see where the goddess beamed scotty up…he was 80 so had a great run…
i have stalled as long as I could…I have to do laundry. I am wearing a tshirt that I have thought about using for a dust rag but loved too much and a pair of shorts that fit so tight across my ass Im afraid to bend over…everything else is dirty..but I hate to do laundry…hate it hate it hate it..toady is the day the west paper comes out so if there is news worth reporting I will be back..if not see ya t’mara


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