There is a picture on the front page of the paper of a simi covered wagon and a bunch of simi fat cowpokes heading off to the rodeo grounds for our rodeo…this is the 59th west championship rodeo.. what a motley crew…its officail the west fest is expanding the musical showcase..will now have the youong christian artist showcase for singers between the ages of 12 and 17. plus all us military branches will be honored with special entertainment exhibits from various military facilities in the area..
7 west boy scount’s hiked 70 miles at a new mexico ranch near cimarron, new hot as it has been i bet there were wore out…picture of them on front page too. they look pretty whuped.
now we have a goat dairy in laguna park which is about 15 minutes away from west. up by the lake..pretty cool…would like to check out their cheeses, BUT ITS NOT ON MY FUCKING DIET..
west high school class of 1980 is having a reunion…
one new born baby and 3 deaths…some birthdays were celebrated by some really cute kids.West Library is holding the 2nd annual golf classic…One of our drs. was elected acp fellow…he is from the philipines i think been here over 25 years in west ..when i would go to have an office visit i would take my daughter maryjo with me so she could translate..never could understand a word he said..the urbanovasky family had a reunion…West girls atds freshman team tok first place in district..not sure what that is but they beat the shockers and the crushers….cool…our fire alarm codes are:one ring-grass fire or car fire
2 ring-fire drill or fireman’s meeting
3 rings-house fire
4 rings- jaws of life
12 rings emergency warning..and let me tell you that when we have a big storm and wind is blowing and thunder etc…cant hear them fucking bells…they also dont tell you that on occasion the bells ring for so reason what so ever…and it is a constant ring…..for up to and over an hour…50 years ago in west a guy named J.A. warned Texas Legislators there will be nobody to tax if H-bomb isnt outlawed…He says “the way I calm my nerves is to stretch out on the ground under a shade tree and watch a buzzard circle without flapping his winds, and if more people had used my method we would not have to worry over teh hydrogen bomb.”….(i might start drinking again on that note)Henrietta Meurer’s 2 grandsons won ribbons at houston livestock show for their bulls, goats and cows and a pig too i think..they won at waco livestock show too…kids are damn near as big as the bull..
Food Mart has drpepper on sale for .99…fuckers
we have a stanley products and fuller brush salesman here in west now..also with avon..
can buy a 3 bed, 2 bath on 2.7 acres for $96,500
chapman’s county line needs a cook…Community grocery has pizza’s on sale…fuckers..and jeanette karlik who writes the thanks for listening tells horrow stories about how dirty motels are and resturants…the weekly review of west is over…


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