I was watching news and reading book when the phone rings and after it rang about 6-7 times I figured out it wasent on tv and answered it. A voice from my past…my lost friend Danny who I had lost touch with and had been searching for…found me instead…was soooooo cool. you would love him..he is an actor and a playwrite…one of the funniest people I know..and boy can he talk.I was just so glad to hear from him..he and his partner pat were responsible for me getting the job with the traveling book store. My daughter worked with Pat at the San Jose store while I worked at the san Francisco store..he would regale me with gossip about hollywood and just crack me up…He is the one that informed me that even though I loved and had the hots for Randolph Scott, he batted for the other team..I have been in love with Randolph Scott since I was a little girl…loved that virgina accent..
so any how Danny is thinking about coming down to visit over labor day weekend..said yes, right away and then remembered that is also the weekend of our family reunion.i am pretty sure I am going..it is being held in mesquite my old home town..guess I could drag danny to it..dont think my kin folk have ever met any one that is gay before..so that should be good for a laugh…plus i need all the liberal democrats possible to combat my right wing republican kinfolk..so anyhow that is my good and great news…danny’s found…
did i tell you that my daughter said she read some of my blogs? i asked her what she thought and there was the longest ….longest pause and then she said” well, I could tell it was written by you”…hmmmmm. well, at least she is still talking to me…ha..
Going to go to church and light a candle for my friend mary in denver..she has had some bouts with cancer and came out ok but now she had a biopsy on her nose for skin cancer..she should know something in about a week.she reads all my blogs and thinks i should combine them all and make a book..she is very prejudiced…I met her over 3 years ago when i first started fooling around with computer..met her in the pogo game room playing solitaire..we hit it off right away…i was either making peole laugh or grosssing them out.or both..she is the one I fixed up with my cousin who lives in butler.pa.like most of the males in my family he has gone from prince to turd…
It”s weird how I have met and made good friends with people I have not ever met…like you guys…feel like I have known you all forever..maybe it is because we knew each other in another life..or when i was sober..
well, i have to go to hardware store and turn in my sprayer and go to grocery store and get some…fucking fresh damn fruit..I actually bought a 1/2 lb of lean ground beef yesterday and made 3 taco”s..first meat in over a week…except for slices of ham i put in my chef”s salad…no cheese on the taco’s and that was really hard too..maybe i should just buy some crack for a week..see what kind of weight loss that would bring about..but noooooo, just eat my fucking salads, drink my tea with sweet and low and snack on sugar free jello..and its not like if i lose a lot of weight i will get any sex out of this..no one wants to fuck a fat old lady but no one wants to fuck a skinny old lady that points and laughs at your dick either…


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