Man oh man oh man…I am reading peoples blogs and wondering what the fuck is going on…people are pissed off because of some thing someonewell said to someone else…about them..for them…people are ill and depressed, have mental problems..friends are betraying them..there is so much anger, hurt and pain going on….wel, get the fuck over it…shit happens…life is to short to have hurt someone doesnt like me…yea? well, fuck you too…who cares…kiss my ass, drop dead, bite me..hating someone is like taking poison and hoping that person will die..while you people are pouting pissing and moaning about that person, they are probably out dont really think your anger will actually make a difference do you? judas priest..get a grip…no one and i mean no one likes to bitch more about shit than i do…but its part of the game of life..the camel shits..the caravan moves on…i have all kinds of smug little sayings like that..which basiclly means there isn’t one fucking thing any of you can do if people in your life fuck up and misbehave…gas will still be to fucking high, rent needs to be paid and Jerry Jones just inducted the triplets into the ring of honor…life goes on…so bitch a little, whine a little then get back on the horse and ride off into the sunset…anyone who disagrees with me can kiss my redneck over extended ass…cause i will still be here trucking along….love and kisses from the wise ole bitch..err..witch…did someone say pie


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