Well, first of all let me say I really thought when i read my comments on shit happens that everyone would be pissed…so I must have done something wrong..cause eveyone agreed with… ok, now to the good part. My friend d.n. who I said had found me after so long. Well, he is a blogger now..his name is bookemdanno…so as he seems to be a little cagy about giving out any info about him I will leave it to him to tell you about himself..but I will say I think you will enjoy his blogs as he is very smart, very funny and weirder than shit..but our kind of weird…and can tell a story better than anyone…really does make me check him out and tell him jackiesue sent you..
I went to local used stuff store. called caritas in texas…or at least west and waco..and got a great baylor girls bsketball tshirt brand new for a buck…cool…and got a set of twin sheets with dallas cowboys playing football on them…for a buck. so Im a happy camper…i have been all a twitter since ole jerry the asshole jones held a news conference to announce that he was inducting the triplets into the ring of honor..still have a bunch of them that need to be in from the early winning days…but I bet he puts hisownself in before he does them…
One of the pains in the ass that comes from having a phone is those fucking telephone calls..I went to bed at my normal time this am about 4:30am and at 8am the fucking phone rings and there is no one of those automated phone calls and they never quite connect so after 5 seconds you here a busy signal…man was I pissed. then again at 9:30 and then again at 19:45…no one there just space and then busy signal…fuckers..going to find out where they live, go to their house and kick their ass..and now not even the dont call list shit is they said we dont care if you paid money to get on a list..list..we dont need no stinking list…we call you anyhow…fuckers…I may not believe in God, Heaven or Hell…but I do know in my heart of hearts there is a place just for telemarketers when they die, and it is very very hot there…
Well, its bad enough that the dogs are gone but Rocky hasent been around in about 5 days..He does that often enough that Im not freaking out, but I figure the way my luck has been going…he is gone for good. Maybe he went on his own to crawford and is now waiting for Forest so he can jump on him and pee on his head..
Well, since I gave my scales to the libray to weigh books for shipping when we sell them on ebay I had to go to the library to see if I had lost any weight…and to the best of my knowledge…I have lost 5 lbs…fuck..after almost 2 weeks of eating salads I feel like I should look like kate moss…with tits..
So let me get this straight when i check my blogeyes the count now is tallied by new eyes and not just repeaters..? that right…Idont think that makes a lot of sense and if there is a list to put my name on to change that…let me know….kay?wait..I think I heard some one say…..pie?


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