West, Texas
Residents of West, Texas were awaked early Monday morning to the sounds of loud banging and cursing.Police answering many disturbance of peace calls arrested 61 year old Jackiesue D_______ after she had seeming gone beserk and attacked a Dr.Pepper machine.Ms. D_____ was crying and screaming and cussing as they arrested her. “It took my money but wouldn’t give me a Dr.Pepper”, she screamed, “it wouldn’t give me a Dr.Pepper. I haven’t had one in two weeks and when I finally gave in to the voices coming from the machines..it just wouldn’t give me a Dr.Pepper.”
Ms.D____ is being held until Judge Payrea gets in touch with her family.”So far, no one has come by to claim her”, said the judge.”Something about her son still being mad at her for calling her daughter-in-law imacunt, with jackiesue and her family there is no telling what is going on with them.Just to make sure this doesn’t happen again, all soda pop dispensers have been removed from the corners of West.”


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