they are bringing back the drive in movies in texas. there have been at least 5 new drive in movie theater”s built since 2003..if i had the money i would build one right here in the heart of texas. ther is one in gatesville which is about an hours drive…and i know lots of people from waco and west area that drive there all the time for the outdoor movie experience…plus hot dogs are $1.225, soda pop is less that a $l.00. you can use the old speakers if you want or you can listen to them on the radio station..according to Drive-Ins.com there are as many as 4,063 drive-ins in the nation. Texas peaked with 388 in 1955 and now has 18..doesnt say how much is cost to get in..but you have already saved big bucks by the price of the snacks alone..plus can do like we used to ..pop our own corn, bring our own sodas and just have the price of the movie…i would love it..i miss drive ins soo much..used to go as a kid and took my kids too. remember the dusk to dawn ones..where you went in at dusk and watched movies straight til dawn..for $5.00 a car…what a deal.. i would make tacos, popcorn, brownies, and take big ole containers of ice tea and koolaid…man, what a deal..wonder how much it would cost to put one in..?


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