i was half of a pair of people having sex. i am not sure of the exact time, but remember it was after 4th of july and before labor day weekend…I want you to know i didn’t start out with not having sex again..it just sort of happened that way…firs of all i had broken up with a guy i had been going with off and on for about 3 years..he was absolutely the bigges asshole that ever came down the pike, but man was he good in the sack…and could breath thru his ears…if you get my drift…any how..i found out that he was chipping around with half the female population of west and part of waco…so i decided to dump his ass, right after one last fuck…hey i knew it would be awhile….and then right after that i had a hysterectomy and by the time i healed up i was pretty pissed off at my vagina for being such a troublesome peice of equiptment…first it betrayed me by still wanting that ass hole and then it caused me all sorts of pain and agony..so the last thing i wanted to do was to do anything that would bring it pleasure..so i cut it off…no more humpa humpa for you you…you…pussy you…so it kind of went from there…first it was 6 weeks and then it was 6 months..i had been burned so badly but that asshole that i couldnt even bring myself to be nice to a guy more less fuck one..so then before i knew it …it was like 6 years…then i started to think…who am i willing to fuck after not having had any for 6 years…cant just fuck anyone after that long..i mean really who wants to go 6 years without sex and then fuck some fat guy who shows butt crack when he bends over…no jackiesue, you’ve gone this long, now you can start looking for …mr. right…some one good looking, funny, smart, with a good heart, a cowboy fan, someone that doesnt smoke, or drink, and well, here it is 20 years later..and im still fucking looking….and now it has been so long the criteria is really up there..has to be able to afford to buy us seperate homes as im not living with no body…has to be a democrat and a pagan..no christians for me..thank you very much..look sort of like brad pitt but with wrinkles and a tiny pot belly..so to top it off i not only am waiting for an impossibility but he will have to have a dick tough enough to work his way thru 20 years worth of cobwebs….


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