Howdy sooner…so glad you are back..missed your twisted little mind…i still think you, me babs and anyone else in the texas, oklahoma area should get together labor day weekend..either in mesquite at my kinfolks reunion so we care scare the fuck out of them red necked right wing republican baptist. or just stay home here in west and we all go to the west all can drink and get crazy and ill just get crazy and drive you all over …take you to coyote bob”s where my 2 gay friends run the place. take you to all the bakeries so you can judge for yourself which has the best kolaches..take you into all the business’s so you can see all the shinny little white faces..introduce you to all my friends who can vouch for all my stories…especially “snake” and david…they were there for most of them…show you our huge swimming pool. introduce you to my granddaughters and drive my my son’s and imacunt’s house and wave at them as he is still pissed at me and probably won’t let me in, even with guests..ha…ha..
anyhow…my little’s good to have you back…


2 Responses to “HOT DAMN, MY BOY IS BACK…”

  1. Erik Mann Says:

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  2. brian Says:

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    Do you?

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