I love it…all these kids come in for community service..and I get to play boss and crack the whip..they are dusting and cleaning all the glass again…henrietta makes them clean the toilets and I just cant tell someone to go clean the crapper…every time I click on to soooner’s blog the musci starts playing and freaks everyone in library out, including me…

“There was much or the beautiful, much of the wanton, much of he bizarre, something of the terrible, and not a little of that which mihgt have excited disqust.”..edgar allen poe.

I liked that, from the masque of the red death…

a gallup poll shows that president forest gump’s approval rating is down from 49percent to 44percent…should be just 44 people…not percent

crap..there is no one here but me…only have an hour to go..
rocky came back and is pickier about his food now more than ever…if he only eats half a cat of something and i put it in refer and then try and give it to him again, he wont eat it…wont eat anything cold…little fucker…he wants either tuna fish or him a can of makerel and wouldnt eat it..fussy little fucker..but he is spending more time at home, so the females must all be pregnant..he hasent been in a fight in a couple of weeks…I need to get him fixed, but want someone in the house to get some..

took grandaughter to her dentist in hewitt. which is about 35 minutes from west…and havent been out there in about 4 years or so and got lost. told jamie, im either having a old farts moment where i am mentally lost or we”re fucking lost…she said grandma. we’re lost..i said why didnt you say anything? she said. we’re going to the dentist in no hurry..on the way back i stopped at dairy queen and got ice cream cone and she got banana split blizzard. then we came home and got fajitas from the tiger shop. which is a gas station with a little cafe in it…make good mexican food..but i make still waiting for the neighbor to confront me about the mailbox. actually tomorrow is the day the garbage is picked up and waiting for her to go thru the yard…now …where is my pit bull dog when i need him…going to go check out some books…so far i have averaged 28 books a month…not bad…


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