just finished his new book and man oh man…was it ever good..when i get a really good book i usually do one of two things..i either read it straight through with only peepee breaks or i will read a chapter and then put it down and then read another chapter. some books i cant put down and then others i dont want to finish it cause its so good you dont want it to end…one is not better than the other, just each type book brings it out into me…this one of james lee”s was a didnt want to put down cause i didnt want it to end…mainly cause this is the first dave and clete book in a while and i missed them so much..espeically clete as i have the hots for him…eveyone needs a friend like clete…
so im letting everyone that reads me..if you are a book lover…and love to read like i do…you have to read the latest james lee burke book…actually read any of his books…he does good writting.I can still smell the salt in the air and the hear the flight of the two brown pelicans…you go james…


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