I have been listening to the religious right and they might have a point…so from here on out when I speak shit about forest gump,the republicans,eagles and their fans, and anything else I happen to speak shit about….well, the devil made me do it…not my fault…can’t hold me responsible…I was unduely influenced by the devils way.I was tempted, lured and actucally once I was drugged by the devil and made to say mean and cruel things about my daughterinlaw.
So…Iam going to run down to the local christian church, run up to the pulpit, throw myself down on the floor, confess my sins, ask for the help of Jesus and be born again…amen..hallelujah,hate the sin and not the sinner, turn the other cheek, and rid my body of all my past sins…for I am born again……..
well, Im waiting……still waiting…hm…..well, fuck..didnt still the mean ole ass pagan I have always been…


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