was up late last night, actually early this moring when I got an email from the goddess. she just wanted to reasssure me that things would work out..that she knows that I have been a little upset with the goings on of the world and all the misdeeds of one of her children…and we are all children of the goddess…so she wanted to let me know that in just a short time she was going to make sure that one of her children who has gone astray and his sins have cost the lives of many many of her other children is going to be aptly punished…she said that something would happen and once it happened everyone would know that it was the direct result of the wrath of the goddess and would teach the followers of the bad child not to mess with the goddess…
I for one am hoping it will be one of those straw bolts of lightning that are flashing around the texas country side…but we shall see….


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