I think my name is on an alert list and if I get to close they are understrict orders to throw my ass under the jail…but if the rain ever stops and she is still out at the “ranch”…in the next day or two, I might drive my pickemup truck out there and see if I can stir up a little trouble..I have a friend who has said he will make me up some signs. Im thinking “fuck you, you forest gump asshole”…just wonder how much I can get away with before they arrest or shoot me…
havent been on since sat. and have so much to go on and on about…
the first is a poll I found in the dallas am paper..about forest being arogant and dishonest..
50% of people who say he is not honest. 48% who say he is…yeah, right..down from 53% in Jan
Mr. Bush”s overal job approval is 42% and 55 % disapproving…
56% is the number who viw the presiden’s condifence ias arrogance, up from 49% in Jan.38% approval ranting on handing Iraq…so at least we can see the tide is turning…but what really really makes me want to butt my head on the wall, is the death of all those soldiers from Ohio. these parents are the same ones that voted for him because they were afraid that if they voted for Kerry he would allow gays to marry…Well, now your sons are dead because you went with Bush…What I am thinking is just to ugly and mean to say…but there is the possiblility that maybe there sons would have been safe at home if they had been less worried about gay marriages and more conserned about the illegal war in Iraq..we have lost almost 2,000 men and women in a war that was started on a lie and led by a man who’s ego has no bounds…


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