In case anyone is around when I croak, please, no viewing, no service, no coffin..chuck my ass in the burner and keep my ashes in a kfc bucket till its spring time, find a patch of blue bonnets away from regular traffic and toss me out the window as you drive by…dont even stop…went to the funeral home and yup, he”s dead..why in the world do people have an open coffin so they can take a gander at the dead? who thought of that fucking idea…”hey, when they die, lets stick them in a box, keep the lid up and let every one walk by and make sure he is still dead..”poor Patsy she looked like she was doped up to the gills. I told her that if she wanted to go get drunk to call me that i would be her driver..she could get drunk, cry, cuss or do what ever made her happy and I would kick anyone”s ass that she wanted me too. also would commit any crime for her that would get me up to 7 years time but anything over that she was on her own…she cracked up laughing and said”thank God for you, eveyone else has been treating me like im going to break and I didnt know how much I needed to laugh til you got here.” my good deed done I kissed everyone and hauled ass back to watch the monday night game…but so stressed out by all these deaths I fell asleep before the game was over..still dont know who won…
I did run into some people I haven’t seen in years…one couple used to own the bar I used to hang out in..”strickly country”..yup that’s the real name of it..I told them I had seen their daughter and we didnt recognize each other and the mother said she should have remembered you, when she was seperated from her husband you took her out and got her drunk…and told her you would help her find a new I wonder why I dont remember that…told them I hadn’t drank in over 12 years and thought there was going to be another funeral for them…they were stunned…you have to remember this is the guy who every time he bought a new pair of cowboy boots he would thank me for them…as it was my money i spent in the bar that helped buy them…asshole..
well, it finally quit looks like a swamp…my yard especially…but was nice while it its back up in the 90’s…
oh, does anyone know anything about computers? the one I use at david’s wont hook up to the internet..little button at the bottom says something is unconnected from the firewall..we checked all the lines, but so far nada…help?????


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