Iam changing the name of president to Goddess In Training, american branch…the second thing I will do is fire all the supreme court judges…and make it impossible for the next president to be able to choose any…no person has the right to choose someone for a job that will last for a life time when his job only lasts maybe 4 years…too much power for one person for such a short all the new supreme court judges will be hired, based on a series of test given by a panel of hand picked teachers of american history..they will have to have been a judge at one point in their lives and have to know the laws of the land..and will not be able to depend on those little law clerks that have their own agenda..for a start..then I am changing the laws about guests from another country..each person coming to this country must have valid ID and will be checked out by a special group that will check all back ground on each person entering the usa..then if they pass the back ground check which will be very thorough…each visitor has to pay an entry fee of $500. when they leave all but $100 will be returned…that money will go into a school tax..for all low income schools..
we will have free medical for low income family’s.
and now to my favorite new law..people that play professional sports will have a cap on the amt of money they can make…the longer they play the more they make…bonus”s payed by the owners can not go more than $1,000,000. and for each bonus paid an equal amt will be paid into a trust fund for the player.they can get bonus for special plays, most td’s etc. but for what they earn they get same amt in a trust fund..
movie stars will no longer be able to earn $40 million a movie…the movie will be made and depending on what it makes at the box office is what everyone on the movie will get paid…and a percentage of money will go into a special fund for the homeless…
and speaking of the homeless..I will bring back the chain gang system in the prisons…they will build homes for the homeless. There will be no jail sentences for small drug possession of any drug for the first offense…there will be rehab and schools to teach them new skills so they can get a job and not sell drugs for an income..possession of marijuana will depend on the person..if they dont have a high school diploma then their punishment is to go back to school and get it…if they have diploma then their punishment is to go to school and take some sort of college class. determinded by their ability…maybe if they are smart but made wrong choices they can go back to school to be a teacher…oh, teachers..teachers, cops, firemen will get paid $1,000,000 a year. cops and firemen will have the best insurance and retirement fund known to man kind…and there will be better training for the police..they will have to have lots of sensetivity classes and be able to speak 2 languages.. ok, that’s just for a start….but I will have lots more on the politicians that are in office right now…im firing them suns a bitches…and they will get a pay cut…big time…and some may just go to jail…and that list is really long….well, what do you think so far?


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