i am trying to start each bog out now with a one of a kind headline…some i will make up and some i will steal…
i have been reading all of your posts and you know what? i like you guys..i really do…some more than others but hey cant have everthing…but basically all the ones that i read i get the feeling that if we hung out we would be buds…some i know that it is better to keep a computer between us…i dont mean that we would be “best” buds like blood brother friends like in the eighth grade, but real buds…go to movie with each other, go out to dinner, talk on the phone, and not have to lie when we didnt want to do any of the above..just say, nah, i dont feel up to it, or im not in the mood…i have to admit that other than my kinfolk michael and old buddy danny my 4 favorites are sooner, babs, blood dreamz and ruby rocks… not in any order…well, maybe sooner..
sooner im going to adopt…since neither one of us could keep a straight face to have sex..ha…besides i would like to be hannabanna”s auntgrandma..
library is closed tomorrow and hard to get here on a sat and with david’s computer off it will not be til monday til you hear from me again…i will miss you all..have a great weekend…see ya’ll monday…jac


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